Save with your Disney voluntary benefits

From guaranteed coverage to discounted rates, voluntary benefits provide new ways to save money and make sure you’ve got your own back. Check out the voluntary benefit programs below to see which ones may be right for you.  

When you’re ready to enroll, or for more details about the programs, go to

1. Smart shopping with no hassles
Sometimes you might want the convenience of financing a purchase without using existing credit or paying additional fees. With Purchasing Power, you can buy a variety of consumer products and services through fixed payroll deductions over 12 months. 

2. Protect your person
Secure yourself, your credit and your wallet against identity theft with Privacy Armor. It monitors your identity for any suspicious activity, and it provides regular credit monitoring and unlimited online access to an annual credit report. It also comes with Wallet Armor, allowing you to securely store the contents of your wallet.

3. Protect your most valuable asset
Don’t wait for a fender-bender, or for your home to be burglarized, to consider auto or home insurance for the first time. Through your voluntary benefits, you have a choice of leading carriers—matched side-by-side to show you the most competitive rates and discounts—and an accurate, real-time quote.

4. Four-legged health care
For many, a pet is considered a treasured member of the family and should be protected as such. Take advantage of pet insurance that covers for your pet’s annual exams, vaccinations and more, along with the complete freedom to choose your veterinarian.

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